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Leading the Middle East Into The Future

For over 20 years, Talmor Group has focused on building international relationships and integrating innovative technologies to various sectors in the Middle East.

Talmor Group has been active in the global tech ecosystem, assisting tech companies in growing internationally using its acquired expertise or by leveraging industry experts in its network. 

Our Vision

We are committed to creating a future where technology improves the lives of everyone in the Middle East.

Our Mission:

To drive innovation in Middle Eastern companies which will create profitability, more jobs, and better quality of life.

We believe in a future where  the Middle East leads the world in innovation and its fruits will create a better quality of life for everyone. 

Executive Team

Amos Talmor

Founder and President

Investor in startups, and international business expert, Amos Talmor has led multiple companies including Kenshoo, Meeter, Storwize, Elcom-tech, and KorAnga from garage-startup to global enterprises. Earlier, Amos served as the Corporate Vice President of Sales and Marketing for 15 years at ECI Telecom, leading the company to over 2 Billion $ in sales in the GCC and Asian markets.


Over the past 2 decades, Amos has mentored startups and spent much of his time assisting the technological community by sharing his knowledge.


Oz Talmor

Chief Executive Officer

Over the past 10 years, Oz served as a software development manager at tech companies, focusing on building innovative digital products.

In recent years, Oz led business development and sales in the fintech sector, creating partnerships with banks and hedge funds, and led R&D partnerships with other tech companies to create better investing software. 

Based in Dubai, UAE, Oz assists companies in various sectors find and integrate technologies for their organization, and vice versa, helping tech companies reach clients.

Board of Advisors

Andrey Shirben

Andrey Shirben

Blockchain, Defi, Cryptocurrencies


Hanan Oren

Agriculture and Food

Strategic Partners

Cyrus Venture Partners was founded by entrepreneurs. Our aim is to become the first investor for innovative software startups, allowing the founders to tap into our long entrepreneurial and management experience, and helping them build successful companies.

Our sweet spot for initial investment is between prototype and initial market traction (we will typically not invest in presentation-only stage). Following investment, we work closely with the founders to build and study market traction. We then allocate more significant investment to the best performers.

Moneta VC invests in Data Technology startups and focuses mainly on Fintech and Insuretech. In 2015 we set up Moneta Seeds, our early stage arm, that since then became one of the industry's most active funds. In 2018, we founded our growth fund, Moneta Capital, which invests in revenue-stage data companies. Both funds are working in synergy to fulfill our vision of supporting great ventures from Seed to Growth.

Devoted to innovation leading edge, we are working closely with major financial institutions who co-invest with us in many of our deals. As managers, we bring a broad operational experience and take a hands-on approach in our portfolio.

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NEST @ TRYP By Wyndham, Barsha Heights, Dubai, UAE

+971 52 857 9720 - Oz Talmor, CEO

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