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Holistic Services for MENA Companies, Governments, and Investors

Our main focus is drive quality innovation in companies and governments in MENA by facilitating access to technologies.


Connect You to Solutions That YOU Need

Assuring you receive the best and most relevant solutions for your business

Talmor Group provides objective consultation to help you find the best and most relevant solutions to help drive innovation in your organization.

We connect our partners to technological solutions that have proven to impact businesses positively and that can fit your business as well.


With a vast network and reputation for successful innovation, Talmor Group sources the best-of-breed solutions by conducting rigorous due diligence and preparing the company to meet you.

Political Agreement

Negotiation and Consultation

Different cultures require different understandings, Talmor Group bridges the gap

Being at between the negotiating parties, Talmor Group serves as a mediator; assisting both sides reach agreements and thus increasing the chances of successful business for both sides. 

Our commitment to mutual trust and bridging cultures is present throughout your journey with us. 

Keep up with innovation and developments in your industry

Leverage Talmor Group's experts to make sure you are ahead of the curve 

There are thousands of tech companies around the world, and innovation only continues to grow and be encouraged. Being on top of the various developments is important for you but could prove to be highly difficult!

With international presence and decades of experience, Talmor Group leverages its experts from various sectors to provide you with a clear picture and guidance on how to navigate and prepare for the developments in your industry.

Our services include planning tours for delegations and creating meetings with the right companies and experts.












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